Sew Like a Boss

It’s the last weekend in January, and our brains are still in organization mode. We’ve shared our blog about organizing tips for your sewing room, and Bernina’s Sewing Goals worksheet. Now we want to help you meet those goals, and even win a prize-that’s what the CEO Club is all about!

CEO stands for Completely Executed Object, a sewing project all finished and ready to use or give. To get you started, we want you to pick 6 projects that you hope to complete in 2022, and email the list to us at (CEO Club projects in the subject line will help us spot you!)

The six projects don’t have to be start-from-scratch; you can include UFOs, too. Once a project is finished, bring it by the shop to show us in person, or take a pic and post it on our Facebook page. When that happens, you’ll be entered in our monthly CEO Club drawing, with the chance to win a sweet prize!

And don’t worry—we’re going to be there to help you along the way! Marsha will be sharing videos and pics of her own sewing space, plus tips about organizing and getting started, and help keep you motivated until that project is done!

CEO Checklist:

  • Send us an email with CEO Club Projects in the subject line, with a list of your six chosen projects.
  • Stay tuned for videos and tips on organizing your sewing space and encouragement to finish your projects.
  • When you complete one of your 6 projects, come by the shop to show us or post on our Facebook page, and be entered into the monthly CEO Club drawing!

Happy Stitching!