In a One-Horse Open Sleigh

Holidays mean travel time for many of us, so we got to thinking: what do we sewists and quilters do to pass the long hours in cars and planes? We asked our trusty Be Sew Creative staff, and these were the answers!


If you love any kind of handwork, travel is a great time to do it! 

Stephanie does needlepoint, Sharon crochets, Terry knits, does English paper piecing, or counted cross stitch, Kat cuts jump threads from embroidery projects, and Marsha knits, crochets, or does hand applique.

Reading is Always in Style

Marsha, Carla, Kat, and Terry like to read. But if you’re the driver, or reading in a moving vehicle makes you carsick, there are always books on tape, which Becky and Vina both love! 

Pictures, Puzzles, and Games

Ellen works on the New York Times crossword puzzle, and Nicolle browses Pinterest and Instagram for new project ideas. Kat plays video games, Carla likes games on her phone or iPad, and Sarah likes to listen to music.

Where Ya From?

Annette likes to chat with her fellow travelers, or talk to her virtual travel buddy. Sightseeing is high on Vina’s list. And if there’s one thing we all love to do while traveling, it’s visiting quilt and fabric shops whenever we can! If you don’t come home with some souvenir fabric or a kit, can you really say you traveled?

Do we even need to mention snacks and naps?

Whenever you find yourself on the road again, we hope you have a lovely time!