Quilting Fuel: A Little Cheesy

What’s a comfort food that’s quick and easy to put together, filled with melted, cheesy goodness, and slides onto your plate in more variations that you ever imagined? Grilled cheese sandwiches! (Classic grilled cheese photo courtesy of Food Network.)

There’s nothing like the nostalgic classic grilled cheese, made with white sandwich bread and American cheese. You’ve probably made and eaten that one many times. But let’s open our minds to something different. It’s a big, grilled-cheese-world out there.

Difference comes in a lot of flavors, like this gourmet Figs and Grilled Cheese, or crazy, like this Spaghetti and Garlic Toast Grilled Cheese or, yes, even dessert grilled cheese, like Raspberry and Chocolate with Almonds Grilled Cheese or this Funky Monkey Grilled Cheese.

There are too many delicious choices, so instead of picking one, we’re going to let you choose! (All the examples listed above can be found in the following links.)

From Food Network50 Grilled Cheese.

Delish offers their 71 Most Delish Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Huffington Post claims to have gathered The Most Delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on the Planet.

So take a look at the many glorious, melted possibilities, and give one or two of them a try. Some are complicated, sure, but most of them aren’t, and before you know it you’ll be fed and comforted, and back to sewing.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!