Quilting Fuel: Rabbit Season

I first made these salads when my kids were small. They’re all grown up, but as far as they’re concerned, it’s not Easter if these bunnies don’t make an appearance. And our favorite thing? They’re quick and easy to put together!

The photo and the recipe come to us from our tried-and-true stand-by, Betty Crocker!


Rabbit-Out-of-the-Hat Salad


8 lettuce leaves

8 chilled canned pear halves
16 raisins
8 red cinnamon candies
16 sliced almonds
1 cup cottage cheese


  • 1 Place 1 lettuce leaf on each salad plate. Place 1 pear half, cut side down, on each lettuce leaf.
  • 2 Arrange 2 raisins for eyes, 1 candy for nose and 2 almonds for ears on narrow end of each pear half to make rabbit face.
  • 3 Place 2 tablespoons cottage cheese at opposite end of each pear half for tail.
We hope you have a lovely Easter, and as always,
Happy Stitching!