One More Ladder to Climb

Our final block in our Block of the Month series is Jacob’s Ladder. Another nine-patch, composed of squares, four-patch squares, and half-square triangles, the variations you can create through color choice and block placement are amazing and endless!

Jacob’s Ladder has been popular since the late 1800’s. It also goes by the names Road to California, Stepping Stones, Underground Railroad, to name a few.


We love the turkey red blocks mixed with the Jacob’s Ladder blocks in this quilt! It’s so bright and fun and casual.

Quilt Index #1E-3D-17EA, c. 1880, quilted by Rhoda Mabie. See complete record here.


This quilt, with a Jacob’s Ladder variation in soft hues, has a more formal, stylized look.

IQSCM Object #1997.007.0037  C. 1870-1890, maker unknown.  See complete record here.


Here are Marsha’s step-by-step instructions for the Jacob’s Ladder.

Next week, we’ll have some ideas to put all these blocks together!

Until then,

Happy Stitching!


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