Puzzle It Out

Get your gear together, quilters, because we’re sending you to the mountain tops. The next entry in our Block of the Month is the Rocky Mountain Puzzle block. This block has got a lot of action going on!  All those points give create lot of movement. Needless to say, two very busy fabrics put together in this block could wear your eyes out.

This particular block is a double-4 patch variation, and it also goes by the name of Mountain Puzzle and even Ozark Mountain puzzle. You may remember that we visited a great blog, called Moore About Nancy, which is a quilt-along by Candace Moore, following the quilt patterns published by Nancy Cabot. Cabot had a column on quilting in the Chicago Tribune, which ran during the 1930’s.

Here is a fun, scrappy Rocky Mountain Puzzle by Linda Hrcka, from her blog, The Quilted Pineapple.

You can see another example of this quilt block, with another shout-out to Nancy Cabot, at the Tales of Cloth blog. There you’ll find an example of how dramatic this block can look in red and white. Sadly, we couldn’t get a picture to show you here, but do give Jodi’s blog a visit.

Here are Marsha’s step-by-step instructions for the Rocky Mountain Puzzle block.  You can reach the top of this mountain, quilters-we believe in you!


Happy Stitching!