On the H Block of Quilt Street

The H Block is this month’s entry in our Block of the Month series. The H Block is  easy  for beginning quilters, but it has the kind of fun movement you find in designs using  more advanced techniques.

There’s not much history out there about the H Block, but you can see that it’s based off of patterns like Rail Fence, Basketweave, and Framed Square. This block is, understandably, a real favorite with 4-H quilters and supporters!



This is a quilt block made by Jan Selk Stehlik in 1948.
Courtesy: Jan Stehlik.  4-H in Nebraska from the Nebraska History site.






Henry’s Quilt, pictured here, shows you just how colorful and amazing an H Block quilt can be! From the  The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe blog.




Here are Marsha’s step-by-step instructions for the H Block.

We happily and heartily recommend a visit to the H Block of Quilt Street. We’re pretty sure that we read somewhere that it’s good for your health!


Happy Stitching!